Revealed: The Taliban's Most Feared Plane  from US Military News

Revealed: The Taliban's Most Feared Plane from US Military News

Year: 2018
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0 seconds 720 Revealed: The Taliban's Most Feared PlaneIn 2009, Norwegian journalist Peter Refsdal embedded with the Taliban in Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom, the United States' attempt to uproot al-Qaeda and remove the Taliban from power. One of his most interesting observations: The Taliban do not fear fighter jets."All the time there's jets, the sound of jets flying around, and the Taliban, they don't care about it," Refsdal told Anderson Cooper in a 2010 interview for CNN. "But there's one plane that scares them. ... It was the sound of this transport plane that scared them. And this is a plane equipped with a lot of heavy machine guns, even a cannon. And the thing is, the Taliban, they know that this gunship is used when there are some Special Forces operations. It's used as a support, air support during these kind of operations."Refsdal is talking about the AC-130 gunship, a variant of the C-130 that is absolutely brimming with firepower. Read more: Comments:
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