The Murder of Sheila Bellush : Serial Killer Documentary  from Serial Killers Around The World

The Murder of Sheila Bellush : Serial Killer Documentary from Serial Killers Around The World

Year: 2018
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0 seconds 720 Sheila Bellush was a mother of six who was murdered on November 7, 1997 by a hired gunman named Joey Del Toro, on the orders of her ex-husband, Allen Blackthorne. Blackthorne, who had stalked Bellush since their divorce in 1987, allegedly wanted custody of their two children.Blackthorne was unhappy with his divorce from Sheila, and began to harass her after she won custody of their children. When the Bellush family moved to Florida he tracked her down using a private investigator and decided to hire a hoodlum to beat her up. A golfing buddy, Daniel Alex Rocha, a minor criminal, seemed the best bet to set his plan in motion, and Blackthorne asked Rocha to help him. Rocha was allegedly told by Blackthorne that Sheila was abusing their two children, Stevie and Daryl, which is the reason Rocha agreed to the whole thing because Rocha didn't want the children to be in any harm. So Rocha contacted a friend, Samuel Gonzalez, who introduced him to his cousin, Jose Luis Del Toro. Del Toro agreed to do the job in return for a monetary sum.On November 7, 1997, Del Toro traveled to Sarasota, Florida in a car registered to his grandmother with the intention of assaulting Sheila. He stopped at a Sports Authority store to obtain camouflage clothes, and a gas station to get directions to the address Rocha gave him. On his way to Sheila's house, Del Toro was spotted by a suspicious neighbor who memorized his license plate. (This would later lead to his capture). Del Toro continued to the Sarasota home, where he broke in and saw Sheila with the quadruplets. In an interview with police before his conviction, he told them that he saw her with her children and saw how caring she was and almost didn't go through with it. He was about to leave but Sheila noticed the door was open and then noticed him. He stated, he couldn't run so he shot her in the face with a .45 Caliber gun and then slit her throat in full view of the quadruplets. She was 35 years old. Her body was found a few hours later by 13-year-old Stevie when she returned from school. Comments:
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